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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ulla's boy George

This good looking prince of cats, is our father to be and the son of Ullah and LeRoi.  George and his nearly twin sister Lili (or Mitsy) are both to be rehomed very soon.

last litter due right now

As Joe and I make plans to return to the US in a year, we have decided this is Bu's last litter.  She is quite big, due any minute.  Ullah is already retired and we are going to let the 2 boys and 1 girl we have from her - born last summer, move on as well.  They are the sweetest and most beautiful kittens.  We initially thought they would stay and become part of our breeding program, but alas this isn't the right time for it.  They each need a loving home, where they can be that one special cats (preferably a 2 cat home).  So now's the time to call if you're still looking for a traditional Balinese.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Welcome Back Bu, Ullah and Ellen. Long Time No See

Our ever Patient Ullah - That's probably why she's such a good mum.

It's true, I haven't visited my own blog in over a year.  We haven't had kittens in over a year.  Instead we had Sofie, and I went to America to meet her.  
and then along came Sofie....

And the girls, Bear, Bu and Ullah curled up with Joe and hibernated until I returned.  

Then after a long hard winter - 2012 2013 - Spring finally came to our corner of Scotland.
 The Blue Bells Blossomed
Sonya flirted with the young bulls

Mary Flew-in From America
And the Blarney stone (:-o)
Ullah was patient, but longing....
and Bu paced
Just when everyone was really getting bored...
really bored
REALLY really bored.
  We found LeRoy or as we called him le Roi, Messieure le King !! and he was.... 
A little shy, reclusive at first..

but curious.
then suddenly his curiosity got him up and off he went into action
He came for almost a month, even though he probably accomplished the job the first week.  Time will tell.  We are all ladies in waiting now.  The girls are happy as clams.  LITTERS EXPECTED BEGINNING AND END OF JULY (hoho - to those who try to predict)

Saturday, March 03, 2012

After more than a year....

We're Baaack...
Yup - a new brood is here.

Bu - Ulla's beautiful blue Balinese Baby - is a new mum. And what a good mum she is. We waited until Bu was almost 2 to breed her. We found the most lovely traditional Siamese male and they fell in love. It was the winter Solstice and the day of the 20th anniversary of my own mother's passing. I think these are very special kittens. We have 3 girls, 2 boys, 2 runts (a boy and a girl). They are all blues. Please be in touch soon, as they are the only registered apple-heads, mums came from the US, being bred in the UK. We still register with the TCA (Traditional Cat Association, to preserve, protect and promote the traditional purebred cat).

We expect these newbies to go quickly, we've taken 2 deposits already, and this is my first announcement. Prices start at £550 GBP for families in the UK and/or the Rep. of Ireland, who are able to come and pick out a kitten for themselves. If available, we will sell a pair for £900. Kittens traveling overseas or to the mainland should expect to add at least an additional £350 to cover: extra veterinary visits, additional vaccines (not required in the UK), passports, additional 4 weeks keep and prep, as well as basic private transport - which we arrange, no exceptions.

While we promote propagation and support those who wish to do limited breeding - we screen all prospective breeders, charge additional fees for breeding rights and reserve the final say whether a kitten will be eligible for the active registry. In general however, we encourage families who wish to share the experience of having a litter or two and those who love the traditional Siamese and Balinese and want to help save the breed in Europe; and we offer support and guidance as we are able. Lots of new pictures and videos to come.
We're Baacckkk...

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

September 2011
Sorry for the time away. We are in transition; going to the US for the summer and moving house when we return. We'll be back in September 2011, with plans to breed again. We have 2 girls just longing to have families. Please contact us after the first week in Sept. for more information regarding future litters.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

New Litter of Balinese Have Arrived!!!
30th August 2010
(see Details and Photos below)

Welcome to Island Blues ~ UK
Traditional SIAMESE & Traditional BALINESE ~ Cats & Kittens
Relocated to the
UK. We are now in South West Scotland ~ at Kirkdale House ~ in the village of Carsluith ~ Wigtownshire ~ Dumfries & Galloway
Please enjoy our cats and kittens here and contact us ~ until further notice ~ NORTHISLANDBLUES@GMAIL.COM or call Ellen at +44(0)1557.840.384

This is our homegrown blog ~ here to introduce you to our homegrown cattery. We raise traditional Siamese and Balinese ~ otherwise known as "Old Fashioned" "Classic" or "Apple Heads". Our kittens grow-up in our bedrooms, underfoot with children and dogs. Please enjoy the pictures ~ and contact us if you are looking for a kitten of your own.
Big News Below

Read on for Big News, history and fun stories or follow the link to the right to see what kittens are available. Again please write to be put on our mailing list or to reserve a kitten now!

Based for years in and around NYC, my husband decided to take a year or 2 abroad, teaching and finishing his research of ancient stones. We moved to Forres Scotland in February 2007 and then to Carsluith in January 2008. Before we left the US, we had heard that there are very few Traditional and Classic Siamese in the UK. And Traditional Balinese you just can't find. We had several calls from the UK asking us to import kittens, but it is virtually impossible to bring any pet into the UK without a 6 month quarantine. So I decided to bring 2 adult females, who were expecting. As you can imagine it was very tricky. It took us (my daughter Dania and me) close to 9 months to get the girls ready to come. Now they are here, our mission is to plant a few new seeds and hope for the best.
Now for the Big News - read on...